Inclusive QuadKids

QuadKids supports and encourages the inclusion of disabled athletes within the existing competition formats and through the provision of a totally inclusive QuadKids Competition format.

The Inclusive QuadKids format uses the same 4 disability groupings as the Inclusive Super8 format.

The team size and events do not change for Inclusive QuadKids, there are no modified events. Below are the events for each group:

Academy Description Brief description of some athletes
and impairments in this group
Additional information Events     
1 Power chair user
  1. Athlete with cerebral palsy- electric wheelchair user quadriplegic - severe to moderate involvement in all 4 limbs
  2. Athlete with quadriplegia (if using a power chair)
2 Manual wheelchair user
  1. Athlete with cerebral palsy
  2. Athlete with a spinal cord injury - Quadriplegic (if using manual wheelchair) and paraplegic athletes
All athletes in this group CANNOT run unaided. They MAY be able to stand and walk with support and MIGHT not regularly use a wheelchair Howler
3 Ambulant - Moderate Impairment
  1. Blind and moderately visually impaired athletes running with a guide
  2. Athlete with cerebral palsy - Diplegic - functionally affected in both legs.
  3. Athlete with cerebral palsy Ataxic/Athetoid - affected in three or four limbs.)
  4. Dwarf Athletes
  5. Athlete with a single or double above knee amputation or physical impairment allowing similar movement
All athletes in this group CAN run unaided EXCEPT for blind and visually impaired athletes who need the support of a guide runner Howler
4 Ambulant - Minimal Impairment
  1. Athlete who is deaf or with a hearing impairment
  2. Athlete with minimal visual impairment (no guide required/allowed)
  3. Athlete with cerebral palsy - Hemiplegic - functionally affected on one side.
  4. Athlete with very mild cerebral palsy
  5. Athlete with single or double below knee amputation or physical impairment allowing similar movement
  6. Athlete with single or double arm amputation or physical impairment allowing similar movement
  7. Athlete with a learning disability: IQ of 75 or less, limited social adaptation in day to day abilities and their learning disability must be evident during 0 - 18 years.
ALL athletes in this group can run unaided Howler

A team can consist of any number of disabled athletes and teams of totally disabled athletes can compete alongside teams without any disabled athletes.

The spreadsheet will work in exactly the same way as before, the only difference is that the athletes grouping needs to be entered on the declaration sheet. The QuadKids Inclusive Spreadsheet will be available for download in the New Year.

A multiplier is used to generate an overall score for the disabled athletes who complete in only 1, 2 or 3 of the 4 QK events. This means for example that if a disabled athlete from Group 1 competes in the howler they will get a score comparable to that of an athlete competing in all 4 events.

Download QuadKids Inclusive Manual


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