What is QuadKids

  • A nationally proven athletics concept endorsed and supported by England Athletics
  • An inclusive team event of 4 girls and 4 boys primarily for school years 3 to 8
  • Includes the four core disciplines of running, throwing, jumping and sprinting - hence 'Quad'
  • Athletes' performances are scored against results tables and the team with the highest cumulative points is the winner
  • It's easy to organise (in its simplest form it can be run with just two supervisors), can take place anywhere and doesn't require access to an athletics track
  • It can be run either within a school or club, or even on a virtual league basis
  • It requires a minimum of equipment; Stopwatch, measuring tape, standing long jump mat, 75m & 600m markers, and Vortex Howler throwing implement.
  • QuadKids regional co-ordinators can often help on the day and the QuadKids website is the resource to download results sheets and manuals - just click here website
  • Access to the QuadKids website captures all match performance data and provides a dynamic league table of results
  • It is a simple, effective and inclusive way of getting more children to participate in physical activity, helping LEAs and schools meet their National Curriculum Key Stage 2/3 targets

QuadKids in action

  • QuadKids is currently expanding nationally with well over 10,000 schools, 100 clubs and 250,000 athletes expected to participate by 2012.
  • QuadKids was used in 35 counties for the School Games.
  • QuadKids at school level often works through School Games Organisers, Sports Development Organisers, Competition Managers and School Sports Co-Ordinators, but also via engaging local athletics clubs and enhancing the valuable school-club bridge, and providing a clear pathway for those children inspired to get more involved.

Benefits to School Sports Development

  • Leadership in the introduction and development of the QuadKids concept
  • Simple, quick and reproducible format to introduce athletics into primary schools
  • Contributes to government initiatives and exercise targets
  • Provides coaching and organisational support
  • Creating stronger links between local clubs and schools
  • Provides teachers with a clear introduction to the coaching basics

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