Banbury Harriers - Club QuadKids
Banbury Harriers- Club QuadKids (14/04/2024)


Boys individual ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameSprint timeSprint pointsJump distanceJump pointsRun timeRun pointsThrow distanceThrow pointsOverall points
1Noah BuBanbury Harriers11.80523.184202:20.005023.1646190
2Simon OkBanbury Harriers11.60543.254502:14.005615.5431186
3Lucas AgBanbury Harriers12.00502.983602:16.995320.9241180
4Liam WhBanbury Harriers12.70432.772902:25.994420.8741157
4Harry SpBanbury Harriers13.60342.863202:27.004324.1748157
6Henry WhBanbury Harriers12.60442.021002:14.005616.6433143
7Jack TiBanbury Harriers13.00402.712702:33.003716.5033137
8Leo FoBanbury Harriers13.50352.051002:33.993615.9131112
9Toby KiBanbury Harriers14.40262.481902:41.992819.2538111
10Tyler LoBanbury Harriers14.80222.361502:37.003318.8537107
11Ben ArBanbury Harriers14.80221.701002:47.002315.653186

Girls individual ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameSprint timeSprint pointsJump distanceJump pointsRun timeRun pointsThrow distanceThrow pointsOverall points
1Oilivia MoBanbury Harriers12.20482.993602:16.995321.1642179
2Laylani DeBanbury Harriers12.20483.164202:14.005615.0930176
3Sophie WaBanbury Harriers12.40462.712702:20.005012.5825148
4Libby ShBanbury Harriers12.20482.542102:20.994912.0324142
5Tabitha LoBanbury Harriers12.20482.311302:25.004511.2222128
6Alysia MaBanbury Harriers13.00402.321302:39.003116.2532116
7Emelia ShBanbury Harriers13.10392.221002:25.004510.6221115
8Alicia NeBanbury Harriers12.50451.831002:35.99348.5217106
9Francesca FaBanbury Harriers13.90312.261102:31.00398.851798
10Sophie PaBanbury Harriers13.00402.231002:41.00298.191695
11Olivia BuBanbury Harriers13.90311.891002:43.992613.142693

Top Sprinters

Boys top 20 Sprint ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameSprint TimeSprint Points
1Simon OkBanbury Harriers11.6054
2Noah BuBanbury Harriers11.8052
3Lucas AgBanbury Harriers12.0050
4Henry WhBanbury Harriers12.6044
5Liam WhBanbury Harriers12.7043
6Jack TiBanbury Harriers13.0040
7Leo FoBanbury Harriers13.5035
8Harry SpBanbury Harriers13.6034
9Toby KiBanbury Harriers14.4026
10Tyler LoBanbury Harriers14.8022
10Ben ArBanbury Harriers14.8022

Girls top 20 Sprint ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameSprint TimeSprint Points
1Oilivia MoBanbury Harriers12.2048
1Laylani DeBanbury Harriers12.2048
1Libby ShBanbury Harriers12.2048
1Tabitha LoBanbury Harriers12.2048
5Sophie WaBanbury Harriers12.4046
6Alicia NeBanbury Harriers12.5045
7Alysia MaBanbury Harriers13.0040
7Sophie PaBanbury Harriers13.0040
9Emelia ShBanbury Harriers13.1039
10Francesca FaBanbury Harriers13.9031
10Olivia BuBanbury Harriers13.9031

Top Jumpers

Boys top 20 Jump ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameJump DistanceJump Points
1Simon OkBanbury Harriers3.2545
2Noah BuBanbury Harriers3.1842
3Lucas AgBanbury Harriers2.9836
4Harry SpBanbury Harriers2.8632
5Liam WhBanbury Harriers2.7729
6Jack TiBanbury Harriers2.7127
7Toby KiBanbury Harriers2.4819
8Tyler LoBanbury Harriers2.3615
9Leo FoBanbury Harriers2.0510
9Henry WhBanbury Harriers2.0210
9Ben ArBanbury Harriers1.7010

Girls top 20 Jump ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameJump DistanceJump Points
1Laylani DeBanbury Harriers3.1642
2Oilivia MoBanbury Harriers2.9936
3Sophie WaBanbury Harriers2.7127
4Libby ShBanbury Harriers2.5421
5Alysia MaBanbury Harriers2.3213
5Tabitha LoBanbury Harriers2.3113
7Francesca FaBanbury Harriers2.2611
8Sophie PaBanbury Harriers2.2310
8Emelia ShBanbury Harriers2.2210
8Olivia BuBanbury Harriers1.8910
8Alicia NeBanbury Harriers1.8310

Top Runners

Boys top 20 Run ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameRun TimeRun Points
1Simon OkBanbury Harriers02:14.0056
1Henry WhBanbury Harriers02:14.0056
3Lucas AgBanbury Harriers02:16.9953
4Noah BuBanbury Harriers02:20.0050
5Liam WhBanbury Harriers02:25.9944
6Harry SpBanbury Harriers02:27.0043
7Jack TiBanbury Harriers02:33.0037
8Leo FoBanbury Harriers02:33.9936
9Tyler LoBanbury Harriers02:37.0033
10Toby KiBanbury Harriers02:41.9928
11Ben ArBanbury Harriers02:47.0023

Girls top 20 Run ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameRun TimeRun Points
1Laylani DeBanbury Harriers02:14.0056
2Oilivia MoBanbury Harriers02:16.9953
3Sophie WaBanbury Harriers02:20.0050
4Libby ShBanbury Harriers02:20.9949
5Tabitha LoBanbury Harriers02:25.0045
5Emelia ShBanbury Harriers02:25.0045
7Francesca FaBanbury Harriers02:31.0039
8Alicia NeBanbury Harriers02:35.9934
9Alysia MaBanbury Harriers02:39.0031
10Sophie PaBanbury Harriers02:41.0029
11Olivia BuBanbury Harriers02:43.9926

Top Throwers

Boys top 20 Throw ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameThrow DistanceThrow Points
1Harry SpBanbury Harriers24.1748
2Noah BuBanbury Harriers23.1646
3Lucas AgBanbury Harriers20.9241
3Liam WhBanbury Harriers20.8741
5Toby KiBanbury Harriers19.2538
6Tyler LoBanbury Harriers18.8537
7Henry WhBanbury Harriers16.6433
7Jack TiBanbury Harriers16.5033
9Leo FoBanbury Harriers15.9131
9Ben ArBanbury Harriers15.6531
9Simon OkBanbury Harriers15.5431

Girls top 20 Throw ranking

RankAthlete nameTeam nameThrow DistanceThrow Points
1Oilivia MoBanbury Harriers21.1642
2Alysia MaBanbury Harriers16.2532
3Laylani DeBanbury Harriers15.0930
4Olivia BuBanbury Harriers13.1426
5Sophie WaBanbury Harriers12.5825
6Libby ShBanbury Harriers12.0324
7Tabitha LoBanbury Harriers11.2222
8Emelia ShBanbury Harriers10.6221
9Francesca FaBanbury Harriers8.8517
9Alicia NeBanbury Harriers8.5217
11Sophie PaBanbury Harriers8.1916


The ESAA awards are based on a points system scoring each individual discipline between 0 - 5. The ESAA Award we display is the Quadrathlon award. For more details on how these awards are scored please goto the Awards page

Because of the way the ESAA awards system scores things it is possible to get a lesser award than another athlete even though your QuadKids score is higher!

Awards details Not available

QuadKids Certificates

QuadKids Certificates are FREE if your competition organiser uploads results to our website. To gain access to certificates contact the competition organiser.

You have to be registered and logged in to our website to view certificates. Simply click on the VIEW button to download a certificate, a copy will also be emailed to your registered email address.

Organisers, when you are logged in there are additional buttons on the results screens to download batches of certificates by Team or for batches of all boys or girls.

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Boys' Certificates

RankAthlete NameTeam NameOverall pointsDownload certificate
1Noah BuBanbury Harriers190Certificate
2Simon OkBanbury Harriers186Certificate
3Lucas AgBanbury Harriers180Certificate
4Liam WhBanbury Harriers157Certificate
4Harry SpBanbury Harriers157Certificate
6Henry WhBanbury Harriers143Certificate
7Jack TiBanbury Harriers137Certificate
8Leo FoBanbury Harriers112Certificate
9Toby KiBanbury Harriers111Certificate
10Tyler LoBanbury Harriers107Certificate
11Ben ArBanbury Harriers86Certificate

Girls' Certificates

RankAthlete NameTeam NameOverall pointsDownload certificate
1Oilivia MoBanbury Harriers179Certificate
2Laylani DeBanbury Harriers176Certificate
3Sophie WaBanbury Harriers148Certificate
4Libby ShBanbury Harriers142Certificate
5Tabitha LoBanbury Harriers128Certificate
6Alysia MaBanbury Harriers116Certificate
7Emelia ShBanbury Harriers115Certificate
8Alicia NeBanbury Harriers106Certificate
9Francesca FaBanbury Harriers98Certificate
10Sophie PaBanbury Harriers95Certificate
11Olivia BuBanbury Harriers93Certificate

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